Comment: Levin is serving a purpose

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Levin is serving a purpose

The Liberty Movement, for all it's good intentions, is no where and going no where but maybe special events. They are not going to come up with any resolution,s inniatives, acts, bills that have any teeth.

Those in the rEVOLution thanks to Ron Paul, and stuck with the GOP, in hopes of materializing Ron Paul's message, need MSM to begin or connect converation within the party.

Levin is helping to bridge that gap within the GOP. I for one, who don't know much about Lenin, being I don't listen to radio, know that others in the GOP do.. The GOP is not buying subscriptions to Ron Paul Channel. Meanwhile, Rand, Cruz and others, and those like me in the GOP, can use this platform Levin is offering as a tool to communicate constitutioanl ideas, and for this, it is a good thing.

Ron Paul advises us to make co-alations. It's not about making clones of Ron Paul.. it's about materializing the message, and to do that, we have to get those who like Levin to be open, and he is doing that, so I give him credit for that.

From this there will be inniatives, bills and acts inspired by the converations.. that's better than nothing, though the Liberty Movement can dissagree, as that's all they have: Nothing.