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Not me

They were not in denile, least you forget Buffalo Soldiers.. Western Louisiana attracted many run away slaves, that becoma share croppers, who wound up owning a lot of land, and with that land, they built churches, schools, stores, and had established thriving black communities. They were happy.

So when intregration happened, it hurt them the most, because intregration forced them to stop being black, having their own culture, church, music, foods.. like gumbo.. African word for gumbo. black communities had green gumbo, white had red gumbo.. red has tomatoes, green has feild greens..

My family was transfered to Lousinana during intregration and I didn't meet anyone who was happy about it, because FORCED intregration hurt many independent communities white and black. The winners were the bankers and politicians who profitted off the clashes and losses.

To me, FORCED intregration is the hatred of people being self reliable, having communities where they know each other, trust each other, for broken communities where no one knows anyone and police are not locals, don't know anyone, just doing their job.

The war on drugs would have never been able to be established had segregation continued.