Comment: To be blunt

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To be blunt

Everyone on this thread that is bitching about your tax money going towards funding all these things you oppose, I have a solution....STOP PAYING YOUR TAXES!!! I stopped paying last year for exactly the same reason many of you are disgusted. I am tired of busting my a$$ so the government can steal my money to give it to other people, wage endless wars, prop up their corporate buddies who would otherwise fail, perpetuate the drug war, fund terrorism, and most of all I will not give one more god damn dime to a government that is building a federal domestic enforcement arm (DHS) to crush every Americans civil liberties. As the saying goes "put your money where your mouth is". I read a lot of talk from many DPers on here, but guess what? That's all it is, talk. The time to for civil disobedience is NOW, the time to oust this government is NOW, the time for us all to stand up to the government and take back our freedom and liberties is NOW!!

To stop paying your taxes is the first, nonviolent form of resistance you can take against this leviathan government.