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I have asked

And I have stated repeatedly, groups like AIPAC claim to support Israel, but they do not, they bribe Israel for the MIC.

Like Ron Paul said, Israel doesn't need US funding or US support. Israel is not interested in policing the world. Israel is interested in providing Jewish people a land where they are not threatened by those who refuse to build a better world, but rather blame Jews for the world's problems.

Israel has stayed out of the conflict in Syria. (Israel defends Israel, and rightfully bombed a shipment of WMD from Russia.. who do you suppose those weapons Assad got from Russia were for? The rebels? Is that OK by you that those who rebelling from the UN Agenda Assad has agreed deserve WMD taking thenm out? Or were those WMD of because if was intended for Israel?) Israel respected the democratic process that installed Assad. Israel has provided humanitarian relief including room in hospitals for Syrians.

Israel is not interested in a UN Agenda global government and they have proved that by supassing "sustainablitiy" and embarking on thriving.

Maybe you should ask yourself, "Why do I hate a country that has the biggest gay parades in the world for those who slaughter gays?"