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I have no problem paying the dues

Though our By_laws say the committee is to pay for my attendeding the convention, I paid for that.. we have a booth at the county fair in Sept. I have no problem paying the $11.00, three have said they can't afford that. If they can't afford $11.00 for the county fair, how will they afford $150.00.

As for tye dyes.. we have some of the most outstanding tye dye artists in the world and I'm not going to try to compte.. as for making lemonade.. I do have my HACCP certificate, but need a place to vend.. so is it worth it? No.

I think most young people in CA will have a problem paying that. I think most young people are past the car wash and lemonade.. not only that, but the jet set here are pretty g-d mean.. so of you can't shell out and need a hand out, you might as well not be in because for your $150.00 you get snubbed.

If the GOP wanted to grow, that's not how to do it in MY opinion.. apparently they want to be a rich man's club.. they are $478K in debt. I don't think their plan is going to pull them out of debt. Glad you have the solutions!!!! BRAVO!!

BTW.. when what you want become irrelevant it tells me I hit the nail on the head.