Comment: God do gives us a choice

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God do gives us a choice

God do gives all of us a choice between God's way and our own ways. But once we become a Christian, we have chosen God's way. And the Bible is very clear on who we belong to. Our bodies is the temple of the Holy Spirit. It is the temple of God. We need to be holy to be pleasing to God. We need to offer our bodies as scarifies to Him, that is the reasonable service for all of us Christians.

So the problem is this, Christians do not believe we have a right to anything. God has the right to everything, including our bodies, souls and spirits! But of course, He wants us to make a choice out of our free will. But that's just the right thing for us to do anyway! He won't expect us to do anything if that is not what is expected of us.

But libertarianism in essence is human/self focused. It talks about the individual rights. Christians is God/Christ focused. It talks about God's right and authority. So it's quite different from each other!

In any case, no earthly philosophy would be 100% compatible with Christian believes.