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Sorry dear, you're wrong. Just flat wrong.

Even from your statist perspective, the liberty movement has made great gains in the direction both of explicit nullification and liberalization of state law. Until recently, for example, there has been great progress in regard to liberalization of gun laws in many states.

Two years ago, I couldn't carry a pistol in my pocket or an ankle holster without risking grief from the nuts in costumes with badges. Same for being armed in any public location with more than 50 people, parks, and a host of other locations. All those things are no problem now. I'm not saying gun laws are the only issue, but there is progress even you should recognize, and it's not coming (exclusively) from the GOP. It is (really all) from the liberty movement.

Setting TSA horror stories aside, I believe (some of) those nuts in costumes are also becoming a little more circumspect due to pressure from the liberty movement. It may be said that we haven't accomplished much, but it can't be said that we have accomplished nothing. And momentum is key.

I think the comments in the OP about Levin making a move to destroy the momentum of the liberty movement with a safe, radical sounding, waste of time are well worth considering. It's a little like Rick Perry talking about secession. (Or people talking about supporting Romney because that is going to be our salvation and predicting how that is going to happen...OK, I won't go there---but seriously, I don't see how the GOP can even imagine it has a shot at potus for at least 8 more years.)

Yeah, do what you can in the GOP, but please quit trying to run down the liberty movement. If you are able to make any progress---and you're honest about it---it's because of Ron Paul and the liberty movement.