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Thank You For Adding Stefan To The List

It is nice to know that people here are still cool with TYT. They are mostly Dems, but they are very truthful, and it lets you hear the liberal's side of the story.

Also nice to know that not all of DP are turned off by Stefan. He is an anarchist, as am I. But he brings that up less and less on his show. I think to not scare libertarians away. He has said some nasty things about Ron, but it just shows that he pays little attention to politics because of being anarchist. And he has said nasty things about public schools and teachers, which I am one, the unions, which we know many union members, politicians, priests, churches, parents, spanking, religions...

For this reason, Stefan doesn't QUITE get the traction that he should here on the DP, considering that he is basically THE TOP libertarian philosopher, and always the premiere speaker along with Peter Schiff at libertarian events.

I wish we could spread his appeal, because Stefan spells out the principles correctly and in a down-to-earth way. Sort of like Milton Friedman used to, but in an even less academic fashion.

So again, thanks for bringing Stefan up! You can tell I am a huge fan. And thanks for mentioning Stefan's donation model.