Comment: Is part of the magic gone?

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Is part of the magic gone?

I feel the same as you; I don't I can expand my personal learning much more from the good doctor. It's time to go to the sources and other teachers for new or deeper ideas. I don't throw this off lightly; after you read all of his books and watch 2,000 videos you get the point.

I'm tempted to pay anyways like I do for FDR, Daily Paul and Schiff Show. I've been meaning to sign up for Tom Woods deal too. I can't consume all of this content but want to support it.

I'm wondering if some of the magic of Paul is gone now that he doesn't hold office or even carry the thin threat of becoming POTUS.

There was something brave and hazardous and brazen when he was sitting on the edge of Mount Doom itself (i.e., in office, pursuing office) talking libertarian ideas. As if anybody actually heard him there you'd suddenly hear the assassin's sniper fire ring off lest he pulled the world from of the brink of destruction.

Now retired, he's merely a very well read, knowledgable and beloved figure.

Could he elicit chills amongst a new audience? Will someone hearing him now want to run out and get a revolution tattoo? Or do something truly masochistic and disgusting and register as a Republican and attend a caucus?

I'm not sure.

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