Comment: A bit harsh

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A bit harsh

Yes there is rampant corruption and abuse. Thankfully, in Idaho at least, there are still great people that happen to be police officers.

I concealed carry at the state fair this weekend, and the rent-a-cops at security when they found out I had a CCW and was exercising that right tried to hold me like the TSA while they called over the deputies. I just brushed off the punk, told him to not worry about it, said I would go talk with the deputies, and just walked right through the security checkpoint.

I found a deputy, told him I was CCW and he said he really didn't care, in fact encouraged it. His words were "we like that" (when citizens concealed carry). But never the less, he went over to the head Rent-a-cop, and came back and asked for my CCW & phone number, and then off I went.

If you treat an officer as a normal human being, with a little bit of respect, then chances are, you will get better than crap treatment from them in return.

Now, don't get me wrong: I DO NOT advocate treating the TSA as anything other than the perverts and pedophiles that they are.

Jason Robinson
Republican Liberty Caucus of Idaho