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You supported Romney. You *assured* us he was going to win. Do you want me to find the specific posts? "Romney will win, and then we will have all the power."

Your prediction was w-r-o-n-g.

Romney did not win.

Look, I like you. But these off the wall theories about accomplishing anything through the GOP are really hard to take seriously.

Yea, Ron Paul has his TV show. He probably thinks that is the most effective way to change peoples' hearts and minds. He was involved in the GOP for the same reason. Being involved in the GOP for that reason is quite praiseworthy. Being involved to have party and power and resolutions and offices and initiatives and impose laws can only warp peoples' minds further in the wrong direction.

It's simply the wrong direction. Join Levin and his ilk, if you want to go in the wrong direction. It's a reliable choice for that.