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Thanks to Ron Paul

It was not easy to join the GOP. I never thought I would. I refused to join in 07/08 when I met Ron Paul and BEGGED him to run as an indy.. so I don't want my joining the GOP to be no big deal. Many here refuse to koin the GOP. I understand. It is a BIG deal.

In all my years of activism, I had no idea there even was committees. Libertarian Party had meetings, but not committees like the GOP, because LP doesn't have enough people. And as an Indy, we had Meet Ups.. but no committees. So the committee was a new thing, and to be honest, I was afraid to go. I thought I would see people like Rove, Cheney, Bush, Rumsfel, staring me down. There were two people. There should have been 24. Where was everyone?

This is another issue some want to say "no big deal", but they never went, so it is a big deal because I have done what others REFUSED to do. When I saw there were two people, I suddenly saw Ron Paul's GENIUS. The GOP was a MSM sham. The next meeting there was 6 people, they had called their friends. And they were not nice. They had no intention of me getting anywhere with their committee.

I was asked who invited me. I recalled when I met Ron Paul he said, "Thank you for inviting me to your rEVOLution." MY rEVOLution? All my banners said RON PAUL rEVOLution, so what was he talking about? Now I knew.. Ron Paul invited me. One lady put her head down she was so upset I was there. But I didn't stop going, and to be a Ron Paul delegate I had to get on this committee. So I petitioned as a Ron Paul Republican, qualified (that was in the paper), and won my seat.

I was the NW CA district team leader of the Ron Paul campaign, ran four counties and we placed third of 53 counties in CA.. but Ron Paul did not win, so even though I to this day am listed as a Ron Paul national delegate on the CA SOS web page, Romney's delegates went to Tampa. It was hard.

Since being on the committee I am elected as Treasurer, so I belong to an association for treasurers and certified (this is a lot of work, filing FORMs with the state and county, having to know the laws, campaign, election, who, how to take and make donations), and I am also on a number of sub committees. I go to the state conventions where I have a vote, and opportunity to debate/lobby, support organizations like C4L, YRs, LC.. I am in the leadership circle.. which is how I was able to meet and challenge Rove..

At the first convention, there was a program at the banquet about how money flows.. I asked to show my county.. I then asked, how much of that money was marijuana since it's legal in my county.. I brought the room to it's feet.. people yelling and some were saying RIGHT ON, MY COUNTY TOO.. people talked to me for two hours after dinner,, I was very busy the rest of the convention.. after the convention, several of the "leaders" emailed challanges.. anti-marijuana.. I let it pass.. I'm not done.. just a time and place to do things, and I'm not going to get into a faceless row, when there needs to be a face..

On my committee, I took on the task in the Rules committee to re-write the By-Laws, means they need to be coded with election codes, campaign codes, and aligned with the NRP and CRP.. I made 24 suggestions, and the first one begins with the mission, THE CONSTITUTION IS SUPREMEM LAW AND ALL ISSUES, CANDIATES the committee supports will be constitutional sound. Those are not the exact words, but you get the point. This is a HUGE move, because it restricts the committee to only being able to vote for issues and candidates that are constitutionally sound. If the GOP had this writing into the By-Laws, the Patriot Act would have never passed.. so my mission at the convention is to get Rules committee to adopt this to the CA GOP.

I have votes that have to do with the GOP.. our GOP wants to make it very expensive from $24.00 to $150.00 for a membership.. there's much more they plan to do, and I will be there to fight to keep costs affordable.. they are trying to kick the youth out, fold into the Democratic Party and get with the UN Agenda.. this is from the top.. there are many issues with the GOP.. waving signs isn't going to change the GOP.

Locally, there is more work. I had been on the committee by myself as a Ron Paul republican for about a year.. now I have had 4 Ron Paul republican appointed.. I still have one district with no one showing up (It's a marijuana district, and while they supported Ron Paul, growers live a different life.. when they are here, they grow and then vacation for months, come back, grow, vacation for months.. so they are not reliable. and others who live in the district are indy.. I'm still working on that. But we have local issues.. and I'm lucky that there are committee members in my district, they are taking the lead and I give them support.. and it's a BIG issue,, state parks is reclaiming land and this is moving people off their property.. it's a land grab.. heavily contested.. looks like we have the upper hand.. only 2 board of supervisors is sticking with Parks.. the rest are for the people..

Meanwhile CA is changing election laws.. so I have four meetings to learn the new laws.. this is very good because it's going to level the playing feild.. the old timers may not want to learn, plus the high fees, the problems in the GOP.. they could quit.. that means the younger ones have a chance to rule the election, if we can keep the GOP.. matter of fact.. reading the new election laws.. there will be no third party or Indy on the ballots.. but I will see where the loopholes there may be to this (though I do not believe there are any) when I take the seminars.

I joined the GOP in 2011.. about two years ago.. My elected seat did not start until January.. so I'm 9 months into it..

2014 I'll be up for re-election.. unless GOP changes that to every 6 years.. so my supporters in my district like me, hapopy to have a Ron Paul Repoublican in the committee representing them.

Next meeting, I'll be checking for any inniatives, taking proxies and preparing for the convention.. see what kind of coalations I can build for my county.