Comment: Yup, Corporatism is also accurate, a synonym really...

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Yup, Corporatism is also accurate, a synonym really...

Corporatism generally refers to the economic system which is most compatible with a totalitarian, Authoritarian-Collectivist, social governing system (socialism). Together, corporatism, and socialism equal Fascism. That's pretty much my take on it.

The term really tells you who exactly is in charge. It is a partnership of the most powerful international corporations, and the military leadership forming a political party and controlling the population. It's not about everyone getting along in a perfectly collectivist society. It's about forcing people to do what they want, for money and power.

Mussolini dubbed the term 'corporatism', which was really just a reference to the economic system he employed under his fascist regime. Hitler employed a very similar type system, he called his party the German National Socialist Workers' Party. So they are all inter-related.

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