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As much as I want to agree with the "liberty" movement this is a perfect example of why I can't. First let me state unequivocally that I disagree with US intervention in Syria. So I agree with you, but for very different reasons. Let's example a few things.

"As the U.S. government fabricates its way into yet another aggressive war"

Conjecture, assumes facts that aren't on record. Not only do you take the wildly paranoid and conspiratorial stance of suggesting the chemical attacks are a fabrication, but you blame this on the US? Really? Sure it seemingly doesn't make sense for Assad to do this, but it certainly wouldn't be the first time someone in the Arab world did something crazy. There are a lot of explanations, none of which involve a fabrication on the part of the US.

"I get it, they make us look like bloodthirsty thugs."

I've seen a number of arguments for war in Syria, none of which involved "bloodthirst." While I disagree with intervening in Syria, it has nothing to do with lack of bloodthirst. If Obama was attacking people in the US with chemical weapons you would be begging anybody and everybody to help you wage war against him. It is intellectually dishonest to act like this is about bloodthirst.

"You might think we all agree with endless wars and unlawful drone strikes. You might think we condone the indefinite detention or torture of other humans. "

No, not really. What does indefinite detention or torture have to do with anything? More emotional arguments that have no place in this discussion.

"Despite what you're told on the two-way telescreen, we are not okay with what our government is doing. Our government has gone completely rogue. They don't represent us. We do not share its enthusiasm for blood. We're disgusted by it."

Again, what enthusiasm for blood? And who is "we," didn't realize you represented the majority. Also, nothing has actually happened yet, so hold those horses.

"Like you, we just want a peaceful and fruitful life with the hope of a better future for our children. We want joy, peace, love, and the liberty to fulfill of our dreams. Obviously, our government doesn't represent these values because we are not in charge of our government. It's in charge of us."

Well, this is a very ironic argument. Those arguing for war in Syria use literally these same words, word for word, in arguing for intervention in Syria. The peacenik argument is hypocritical and illogical.

The argument for staying out of Syria has nothing to do with blood thirst but everything to do with minding our own business. I couldn't care less whether Assad is killing his people with chemical weapons or with bullets or traditional explosive ordinance. I don't care how many people he kills, hundreds or millions. What I care about is American lives. I would not trade a single American life for every person in Syria.

The peacenik arguments make you look like a nut and ultimately detract from your position.