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Generally speaking, I can agree that it's best to avoid interacting with police if one can help it. It's not so much the individual LEOs I have an issue with, but what their uniforms turn many of them into.

I've criticized LEOs many times on this site, but out of fairness I think I should share at least one positive experience. Balance and all that jazz.


I had come into Boulder, CO one night after a long and extremely frustrating journey from eastern Kansas, and found myself sleeping on a roof with some fellow travelers I met while exploring downtown. Long story short, when I climbed down to answer nature's call, I was surrounded by six officers pointing their guns at me.

Naturally, I was pretty confused and a little nervous (read: almost 'went' right then and there). They calmly told me to drop my bag and to put my hands on my head. They searched the bag and found two lighters that looked like guns and nearly flipped their shit. After explaining what they were and telling them why I was on the roof, they calmed back down and ran my ID.

They saw I had no record at the time, and after hearing me out they told me why they ambushed me. Turns out a kid who matched my description (saw the photo) was going around doing smash and grabs along Pearl Street and they figured I was trying to stake out the place I was sleeping at. I never told them anyone else was on the roof, but otherwise I was truthful and that seemed to keep them from doing the usual 'excessive force' routine.

Not only did they apologize for what they did to me, but they told me where to find work, as well as suggestions on where to stay for cheap/free if I didn't feel like camping outside/on roofs.

Also, they openly turn a blind eye towards recreational drug use, as long as it doesn't involve a needle.

This was almost a decade ago, so I don't know what Boulder is like now.

EDIT: I guess it's not so much a positive experience overall, but the way they apologized surprised the hell out of me.

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