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You're a very confused person

I did not join the GOP to be a Ron Paul delegate to support Romney.

I did not get a GOP committee seat to be a Ron Paul delegate to support Romney.

I was not Ron Paul NW CA team campagin leader to support Romney.

I was not chosen by Ron Paul's campaign as a national delegate to support Romney.

I did not max out on contributions to Ron Paul to support Romney.

I did not sign loyalty oaths to the constitution and the GOP to support Romney, and when Romney got the nomination, I stuck with my oath, because to me, principles mean that you don't quit when an election doesn't go your(my) way. I wrote a post and explained that. If you actually respect oath keepers you would respect that. If you don't support oath keepers, then you would diss that. Unlike you, my county who elected me, is glad to have a Ron Paul Republican representing them.

Ron Paul teaches us to make aliences, and that's what we are doing.

After 17 years in a libertarian party that lost every election, and 16 years as an indy with dozens of law suits in dozens of states not one debate and ballot access more closed than ever.. joining the GOP was not my idea. It was Ron Paul's. I didn't want to join the GOP, and in 07/08 I did not. When he said he was going to run in 2011, I KNEW he would not leave the GOP, so I joined RON PAUL.

For all these people who LOVE Ron Paul so much, they didn't even do what he asked and crash the GOP doors down. I understand. I'm GUILTY of the same thing in 07/08. A few of us did join, and we're hanging in there and making the best of it, while the so called Liberty Movment is like a gift from God to Rove, who LOVES to tell his bunch about the Liberty Movement and uses what the Liberty Movement says against us. We are called INSURGENTS.

And it would be great if there were more of us, but the Liberty Movement works to keep people out of the GOP and marginialized. I don't know Levin, I'm sure he's no diffeent than any taking head on MSM who dissed Ron Paul.. but he is giving us an opportunity.. maybe it's to flush us out. Be great if Ron Paul interveiwed Levin, and helped those of us who joined the GOP FOR HIM.

Make alliences, that's what Ron Paul said to do, and that's what I'm doing. I'm sure for all the Ron Paul republiCANs in the rEVOlution, I will hear more sound bites from Liberty Movementers off twitter from Levin who will work hard to keep us marginalized.. but we will prevail.

I like you too and am sorry that you did not get in the GOP and get to work with us. Election laws are changing.. you can still get in.. least you can do is an hour a month. Why not support your Ron Paul republiCANs?