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Not asleep, drunk and stoned out of your minds

I'm all for decriminalization of alchohol and marijuana.. do what you want.. but something is absolutely missing when a group of people claim they LOVE Ron Paul and don't get in the GOP to back him.

What is that?

I think part of waking up is realizing that you are not free and never were. Seems to happen about the same time folks start having kids, suddenly what their parents are saying makes sense.. and they stop being activists so their kid/s will have parents and not some state nanny.

Absolutely people should live their lives and not change because NSA or GSA has decided it's going come out of the closet. NSA has been around for decades. Did that stop 911?

I doubt you will ever be put in a concrete cage.

Fear is an acronym False Evidense Appearing Real. That is not me, so I am not here to fearmonger. I don't have any fear, why should you? You should not.

I think Ron Paul's idea of taking the GOP was brilliant and it's still the best way to fight the oppressors without having to get a government job and then not do it. It's actually fun, but then I like getting dirty when I have fun.. GOP needs a bath. Help wanted.