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The seen and the unseen.

Aside from infrastructure and initial sunk costs of production, there are five people or roles that the subscription fee must account for in addition to supplementary costs accommodating guests to the show:

1) Seen, Diana Alvear, co-Presenter.
2) Unseen, Producer, responsible for procuring guests, planning show, processing viewer questions, keeping the doctor on point.
3) Unseen, Video Editor/Camera Operator, responsible for shooting video, troubleshooting technical issues with offsite video feed, editing each episode.
4) Unseen, Webmaster, responsible for all issues pertaining the website and content delivery to subscribers.
5) Seen, Dr Paul, Presenter committed to 3 episodes a weeks. Recipient of net subscription proceeds.

There may be more work unaccounted for in my assessment and some people may be wearing multiple hats, but certainly these roles need to be filled in order to pull off a successful talk broadcast.