Comment: Granger, I can agree with you and disagree with you

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Granger, I can agree with you and disagree with you

Absolutely spot on with people not joining the GOP to take it over. Among the two wings of our single national party the GOP is by far the weakest and the most easily taken over, not to mention the most historically libertarian. The work to take it over, if people actually would try, would be easy. So I agree with you that it's absolutely ridiculous for people to love Ron Paul and what he stands for, to be woken up by him or anyone else, and to not enter the political arena and try to exact the change that needs to be made. What a waste for people to be woken up and then not do anything, claiming the system is rigged, etc., etc. You've effectively handed control of your life over without a fight. No one ever won anything they desired by quitting and saying the system was rigged. They win by being so determined that the beat the system in spite of it being rigged.

That said, I disagree with you on Google. I believe that companies need to get a message that their blind cooperation with a government that the people do not trust will not be tolerated. Anything we can do as consumers to give them that message should be done. Unlike the government, we can choose not to do business with these corporations.