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Essentially correct.

The collectivism vs individualism debate is older than man, and older than mammals.

All sexual creatures have an evolutionary strategy that is more or less collectivist. Animals evolve at a rate inversely proportional to how collectivist they are. Hives evolve glacially. The reason is more collectivist animals have slow evolutionary cycle rates compared to less.

Humans had a more individualist strategy, essentially mating was not restricted to an alpha or alpha class. Cross pairing increases the rate of evolutionary change. Over time this has a geometric effect.

The collectivist evolutionary strategy is to allow only the strongest to mate. In the short term this is beneficial. In the long term however this must always fail to expanded or free mating. Under the collectivist strategy you have a sharply curtailed opportunity for adaptation and mutation due to a sharply curtailed set of genes that advance. Usually just one set of DNA per social unit. In the extreme case of a a hive we're looking at thousands of individuals to one breeder.

The 'natural' level of collectivism of humans is the family. The bad guys want to enforce, tribalism, nationalism, humanism.. these are not natural to humans. Our natural state is to screw all over the place and all the time. The reason apes didn't evolve as fast is because they have a more evolutionary collectivist evolutionary strategy. Too few people breeding, and those breeding are breeding for intraspecies domination. They are selecting for something that is not secularly beneficial. The ability to become alpha becomes decoupled from extraspecies survivability. Collectivism always becomes intraspecies predation.