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Back during the 1980s when the USSR was still around, they released a new fighter called the MiG-29. Judging only by appearances at the time, it looked pretty formidable. I remember people who studied such things at the time saying reassuring things like "The Russian may have designed a plane with great aerodynamics and maneuverability, but they are so far behind on electronics and stealth technology that it doesn't matter. They are no threat.

The USSR collapses and the electronics industry moves to Asia. The Russian Federation can now move its electronics systems and stealth technology forward by light years. This is a feat that would have been hard to conceive during the time of the USSR.

More than two decades have passed. The United States has turned its army into a replica of the old British colonial forces of a century ago. It is spread out all over the world with its light 'special forces' that rely on friendly air supremacy. In fact, taking air supremacy for granted is the cornerstone upon which all US military tactics rely.

The US government has spent the country to the brink of monetary and economic collapse. They have signed agreement after agreement which has ceded sovereignty to global entities and exported key industrial assets overseas.

They have squandered all global goodwill with decades of war crimes and financial manipulations that have brought down whole countries. They have incited rebellion and vastly increased global instability. This administration was really the hope destroyer. Some in the world and some in the USA just thought it was Bush. Now, they are awake and protesting NSA spying in the streets. The list of nations who are closely aligned with the USA is dwindling.

The national prestige and reputation as well as internal national stability has been totally thrown into chaos.

In this scenario, the US will provoke war with Russia? Russia, the place where Snowden took asylum? Russia who is fat off over a decade of a booming commodities market? Russia who has technologically caught up to the USA and has newer heavy equipment?

This makes zero sense unless the premise is that sociopaths are in control and playing a game of destroy the whole world just to watch it burn. Nobody could be this foolish. This can no longer be chalked up to ignorance. It is malice, pure and simple.