Comment: What this tells me... and what it shoud tell everyone else,

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What this tells me... and what it shoud tell everyone else,

is that the federal government knows the collapse is coming because it was complicit in engineered it, Democrats and Republicans, Conservatives and Liberals. They all are part of the Marxist agenda to subjugate all peoples of the world to the will of an unseen oligarchic elite.

Call it the ultimate false flag event, or, for you globalists out there, the ultimate global false flag event staged to cause hurt, pain, starvation, violence, retaliatory war, and depopulation.

All this has been staged and financed intentionally to enrich this oligarchic elite on the broken backs of the peoples of every country in the world throughout the last century and beyond.

This is your government at work.

If you want to to stop it, your must:

1. STOP assenting to it as "your" government.
2. STOP consenting to it by voting for it.
3. Revoke your federal citizen status
4. Achieve the proper status in law to peacefully and lawfully fight the corruption and usurpation of your governments by returning to your rightful status under common as a Citizen of the state (country) of you birth such as New Jersey, perhaps.

Read the RED Amendment to find out how how.

~ Engage in the war of attrition: