Comment: if you value your freedom and hope to live in a free country...

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if you value your freedom and hope to live in a free country...

then it becomes obvious that certain conditions must prevail.

Try as they did to secure our individual liberty the Founders were not explicit enough. The power lusters managed to exploit the weaknesses by using sophistry. A clause meant to prevent barriers to trade became justification to impose regulations on all business and agriculture whether involved in interstate trade or not.

That is why it is necessary to have an enlightened populace before it would be possible to have The Liberty Amendments proposed and passed by three quarters of the State legislatures.

After all most of the legislators at the state level are advocates of intervention and in favor of the programs of New Deal which enables them to ignore the Constitution now.

It doesn't make any sense to push for a convention to propose Constitutional amendments until the ideas of Mises, Rothbard, Hazlitt, Bastiat, Reisman, Paul, Ayn Rand and others, are widely known and understood.

If those chosen to be representatives of the state legislatures are advocates of the status quo it would not succeed. If they are advocates of more statist ideas it would just make matters worse. In order for such an endeavor to be consistent with the vision of the Founders and in keeping with individual freedom and limited government that would require widespread awareness and understanding of the morality of Capitalism and the efficacy of the free market.

The existence of Young Americans For Liberty and Students For Liberty and Campaign For Liberty and their growth with the potential for exponential growth might just create that basis for success in a few years, if we even have that much time.

It is an enormous job but could be done with the help of the internet and the efforts of these student activists in the colleges and high schools.

I keep mentioning the potential for exponential growth because it is such a powerful tool. Check out the Crash Course video on the subject at


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