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What I think should be of importance

What I think should be of importance, is that Americans wake up to the reality of the propaganda being spewed out by our mainstream media!

A lot of the regulars here at the Daily Paul already realize this fact. Therefore when we see breaking news, or we see a story that is obviously being spun in a certain way in order to get the audience to accept as truth....a pre-thought out, pre-determined perspective, some folks will defend as if it were the gospel. In most instances we can see right through it, which leads us to dig into it, in order to determine what they are really working so hard to cover up!

If we could ever get the average "Joe Blow" on the street to see the MSM is playing him and his friends and family for fools, and make him wander how he ever could have bought into all the bull to begin with! But it has to get to the point that it makes him sick to his stomach every time he hears another one of these talking-heads bumping their gums!!!!!.........YOU KNOW, KIND OF THE SAME WAY IT HAPPENED TO US!!!!.......WAY BACK WHEN, YOU KNOW, BACK BEFORE WE BECAME THE SMARTEST PEOPLE IN THE ROOM..... But sooner or latter they're going to wake up............I HOPE!!!