Comment: BS!!!!!

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Kerry didn't call for war, he said what he saw was "get wretching", that Syria is ccovering up, not letting UN inspectors in and they are discussing what to do.

I think the best bet is for the US to get OUT of the UN, let Russia have the Oil, let Iran install the pipe line and let Russia get entangled with China for production. Apparently Russia is in DEEP SHIT and why they are willing to threaten a THERMO NUCLEAR ATTACK.

Anyone who is behinf Russia lobbing a Thermo nuclear attack is NOT for peace.

The US has been accused of many things by Russia who wants a friggin war. Russia has NO business being in Syria.

I hope Obama pulls the troops home, and helps America get back to work .. we don't need the UN Agenda.. We need to be sovreign, disentangled and free of thei globalist BS!