Comment: I respect your opinion, but

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I respect your opinion, but

I'm going to share a story. There was a Christian pastor, a Muslim priest, and a Buddhist priest in Asia somewhere. The Muslim priest and Buddhist priest said that Muslims, Christians, and Buddhists fundamentally believe the same thing. The Christian pastor called them on it and said that the main difference was that their religions say that God is on top of a mountain and that mankind must climb to him. In Christianity, (he said) God comes down from the mountain and stands with mankind. I truly believe that. I will admit that modern day American Christianity has become authoritarian and deceptive, but in reality, true christianity isn't about what's right vs what's wrong, it's about salvation and having a walk with the true creator of all things. Our God is a loving God and wants to have a relationship with you. If it was so much about authority, then how come he just doesn't force us to love Him?