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Comment: You don't have any money dex, so get over "your money"

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You don't have any money dex, so get over "your money"

Your money wouldn't feed the homeless at my soup kitchen for one day.

What's best for America is to leave the area and challenge Putin in the UN, and then bail from the UN. If you don't agree, debate that, but don't personally attack me..

Did you get in the GOP like Ron Paul asked? Were you a delegate for Ron Paul? You didn't get Ron Paul's message dex. You didn't do what he asked.

You want to pump yourself up.. "your money, you're level headed", Get a clue: Doing good is not telling others how great you are and then knocking them down.

Practice your humility harder if that's your goal.

My goal is materializing Ron Paul's message in the GOP where he put it. If you think you can do better, why not get in the GOP and do it? Ron Paul is a REPUBLICAN. Are you?