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Not so

I have no problem with constructive criticism.

Where am I playing warmonger? By saying Russia has no business in Syria, that Assad has pissed his own people off by selling out Syria's sovreinity to the UN Agenda? It's a civil war. I don't blame the rebels.. If Obama was to announce ALL Amerians have lost their rights, he;'s declaring marshall law, all weapons will be confiscated, all property now belongs to the state, all jobs are not part of the state.. you don't think we would have a civil war here?

How would you feel if that happened and then China comes along and says they're working with Obama to stop the rebels?
I've said, Obama needs to take Putin and Assad to International war crimes court. The problem is Assad and Putin would want Sharia Law.. the EU could handle that and Obama could be a witness.

I think it's immoral that Russia would threaten a thermo nuclear war, and you don't?

So you are not in the GOP.. yes, I am, and I am not for any war, but I understand what is going on, and I don't blame America. America didn't start this.. Obama needs to get out of the UN and fix America. What don't you agree with?