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I agree and disagree.

I don't think Christie won anything. No one agrees with him but the aristocracy and old people who are too long in that mindset to think differently. Oh, and morons who vote for people attached to their areas; people who refer to their favorite sports teams as "us" and "we" instead of "them" and "they." I know the impulse. Before I became political, I was glad Ashcroft got the cabinet position. 1) Because he was from my state and 2) I had lunch with him when I was a teenager in Boys Town. What can you do ... I was young and too apathetic to learn?

I agree that Ron should stay out of this kinda thing but, unless I'm mistaken, he was asked and he didn't give it much of a response in my opinion.

I'll still vote you up ... for not being dead wrong and for loving Ron Paul. heh

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Fuck 'em all, we don't need 'em