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No they don't

I am very aware that the poor helpless Palestinian people have been crapped on by empires since Rome created Philistein. Know how it got it's name changed? The Philisteins were the original Indian givers, the name change was to help stop that.. The TURKISH ottoman Empire replaced the Roman empire.. and Jews have lived there the entire time, though they had been repeatedly slaughterd, Arabs came in and created the Dispora, murdered the majority took the land, chasing the Jews off their land.

But the entire stiuation today can be reduced to the British Empire defeating the TURKISH Ottoman Empire, and a deal was made with the Grand Mufti and Hitler.. Europe was sick of a decade spilling Jewish and other unwanted people's blood.. so Balfore treaty, which gave Rothechilds Empire banking system exile to Israel, the Grand Mufti cleared the area, chased the Palestinians off and set a trap: Refuge for the unwanted Jews in Palestine, where they could kill them there.. refugee boats were sunk, Jews who made it to shore were slaughtered by Islamic troops and British troops alike.. and the Arab Druze, who had a history with the Jews who had sustained in what became Israel, helped some of the Jews build by hand a homeland.

So Israel now exists.. it has been repeatedly attacked, and repeatedly won every war. Do you know how big Palestine was? Jordan was Palestine.. why no outcry over Jordan? All of Egypt past the Siani was Palestine. Pakistan was established the same year, created millions of refugees.. why no outcry? Why is the outcry over the Jews? Did you know Jews gave Gaza and the West bank back to the Palestinians? They didn't half to do that. The Jews knew what it was like to be refugees. Jews have small families, the Arabs have huge families, so now we have 100 people claiming the sme land that 50 years ago belonged to two people, the Grand Mufti chased off.

The poor Palestinian people to this day do not have a state.. it has never gotten 100% approval for the UN security..

There are many lies about Israel.. and Americans are some of the worst.. I have seen TV people work to get Palestinians to riot against Israel and when the Palestinians stop, the news people toss rocks.

If you watch any Palestinian movies, you will see the Palestinians HATE the Palestinian Authority which is CORRUPT, and they let the Islamic gangs FORCE their AUTHORITY over the people while the UN AUTHORITY is so lame,, I've seen little kids looking at the UN like "WTF? Can't you see we need help?" The kids don't hate each other until the adults FORCE them to hate.

Yesterday Lebanon shot 8 rockets into Israel. Did you hear about that? Israel has it's hiospitals full of Syrains. Did you hear about that? Israel is building homes for Palestinians, and you can help// did you hear about that? The Palestinians are being pushed into rioting against Israel during peace talks because Palestinian Authority doesn;t want peace. It doesn';t want a state. It wants to remain corrupt.

My heart goes out to the Palestinian people, and I agree with Israel.. palestine should be a state.. that would bring peace.