Comment: Isreal is absolutely blamless in this mess

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Isreal is absolutely blamless in this mess

When Assad was elected, Israel said, "Syria voted for him. That's their right."

Then, a year and a half into the civil war, Russia sent WMD to Syria, and from within Israel airspace, the IDF lanched rockets to take out what they saw as a threat to Israel. They have a right to defence.

Israel wants to be left alone. They have a lot going on with 1.2 million Jews seeking refugee statis from Islam growing in their countries that have adopted Sharia Laws and forcing the Jews out. Also, Israel is advancing in inventions and business is BOOMING, so they have a lot going on in advancing.

I'm sure Mossad is in Syria to hear about any threat to Israel.. all Israel cares about is protecting Israel.

The EU is involved and the CIA because Russia's OIL grab will wipe them out of oil.. they have the most to lose, and that's where the USA is concerned..

Still I agree with Ron Paul.. I think the solution for the US is to be like Israel and focus of building America and let the others figure out how to live without oil. Israel is doing a great job advancing with little oil. So can we and the EU.