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Get Real

What purpose do cops serve other than revenue enforcement agents for the state? You can harp all you want about finding murderers etc. etc. but the vast majority go UNSOLVED.

Police officers are completely worthless, useless and cost far too much in money and liberties lost to even consider keeping them as a "profession".

I'm done dealing with them, I've even found ways of suing them removing their legal impunity if they overstep their so called "authority" which most do. 6 months ago, I had my car towed, I placed a lien on the officers house for the damages.

If they disbanded the national police state I would go to my nearest "police department" burn it to the ground and piss on its ashes before it got swept to the dust bin of history.

No one, state or another human being has power over another. I care not what badge or color of law says. My rights and liberties are not subject to some pigs bad day on the job.