Comment: I can imagine the pre-show

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I can imagine the pre-show

I can imagine the pre-show conversation with Miley:

Miley: I dont want to wear this...
Manager: You have to you signed a contract.
Miley: But I dont get it, why do I have to expose myself.
Manager: We need media hype, you want to be popular right?
Miley: Yeah but is should be about my singing.
Manager: Face it you wouldnt be shit without us now do what your told. Youll like it once the media picks this up.
Miley: But why now?
Manager: The guys at the top want to bomb another country and your tits are the only thing that is going to distract people enough to pull it off.
Miley: But isnt that bad?
Manager: Did you see what happened to Paula Dean? You dont want that to happen to you do you? Are you racist becuase we can make you a racist.
Miley: No...
Manager: Good, now shut the fuck up and get out on stage.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.