Comment: Great Post - Comparing Cops To Sharks

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Great Post - Comparing Cops To Sharks

Honestly. This is a great way to put it. Don't ever look to a cop as if they can help you. Every encounter that I have had with a cop or cops was horrible. Just avoid any possible interaction at all. Throw away your pride. Consider the transaction that you would have with a shark. You would try your hardest NOT TO GET NOTICED by the shark. That is priority one. You don't want to face the shark.

So throw away your pride and your views and opinions. They do you no good against the shark.

Not only could they easily abuse authority, they are hourly employees. What do hourly employees do often? WASTE TIME. They want to milk the clock.

Ever had 3, 4, 5 cop cars arrive at the scene for you? Then wait for K9 to show up? It will take a while. You will look like an idiot. It will be uncomfortable, even if you are released without action. You will be left pissed and hating the system. And then realize that their funding actually came out of your pocket. So you initially paid a pretty penny... to be discomforted.

I have Texas plates, and I live in Indiana; I just moved. I now know that cops have a major boner for out of state plates. Every time they get behind me on the road, they think they have "hit the jackpot." They'll pull me over and tell me "You understand, it looks suspicious? You could be transporting drugs across the country. Texas is near another country; Mexico. That makes you suspicious. So just sit here in the middle of the road and wait for K9."