Comment: our church is involved in a . . .

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our church is involved in a . . .

feed the homeless Sunday supper--

one church has volunteered to be the central meeting place for all the homeless, etc.

Then each church takes a Sunday; our church has several Sundays/year, because everyone takes a turn--

it is true that the other places that feed the hungry aren't open on Sundays--

We (our family) often contribute food, and we are as careful with the preparation of the food as we are for the food we prepare for our own family--

the food goes from wherever volunteers prepare it (including just picking things up pre-made at the store)--

to the church kitchen in the basement--

there is a drop off time, and volunteers take care of the kitchen and make sure that everything runs smoothly.

To my knowledge nobody has ever gotten sick--

the program has been running for years--

it would never occur to anyone in our church or in the community to have to have permission, but then the supper is taking place inside a church--

in our area of the country there is possibly less religious conflict--


most churches aren't aggressive in proselyting, and the homeless have no qualms about going into the church--

it's an effective program--

I never realized that it could be such an issue--

Perhaps the church that is feeding these people is not nearby--

maybe they should go to the Salvation Army, but maybe they don't want to be affiliated with the Salvation Army--

we used to donate a big pot of soup to the Salvation Army weekly, and then we heard that the workers/employees were enjoying the soup and not giving it to the hungry--

there has been some corruption with the Salvation Army--

I hate to make blanket accusations, but--

there is also a warming center in our community that Catholic Charities operates--

they invite families/individuals to bring in food--

There is another church that has a Tuesday night supper for anyone in the community who wants/needs food--

where the members of the church 'mingle' with the needy/hungry people; more families with children are using food pantries, etc.--so this church has responded in a way they feel is helpful--

they invited people/individuals to bring food in, prepared food, from their home kitchens--

Nobody has questioned this, but then we are a medium sized town in a largely rural area--

Nobody questions this any more than they would question eating the food at a church picnic--

the difference is that the homeless are invited in two cases--

Catholic Charities will let us bring in prepared foods, even from our own kitchen, for the warming center--(people who don't qualify to go to Salvation Army sleeping center)--

so far we have only taken non-perishables, but that might change as the weather gets colder--

so far there have been no problems--

but, perhaps, when the community is smaller, and people know each other--

there are fewer problems. I don't know.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--