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Here’s the thing,

Liberty isn’t about what you get from it…’s what you give to it.
You said it yourself:

True Christianity isn't about forcing beliefs, because again, Christianity is not a list of dos-and-donts, because once a person receives salvation, the motives to do sinful things fade away (I know it from personal experience). I can't try to live a holy life without salvation, because it just flat out doesn't work without God.

The same is true for a life of “LIBERTY” ……Liberty is not something to achieve especially for yourself…..either by force or coercion, it is given to you by others not infringing on your way of life…..the same way you cannot force someone to be a Christian, Muslin or Jew. The GOD I believe in is a big enough God that salvation can come in many ways… heritage is a salvation by accepting the Gift. The turmoil that exists from our differences is because people want a bigger place at the table……not because we hate one another; people use the “State” or the “Church” to advance their own agenda. If they truly believed in “Liberty” ……YOU LIVE AND LET LIVE….If you really choose LIBERTY.....other peoples choices as a way of life should be protected by you not trying to impose your will and beliefs on anyone. Christ believed in Liberty… the truest form he offered you a gift of salvation for the only sin that you did not commit……the sin of brokenness……all the other sins are your own personal sins and are between you and your “maker’ who ever that maker is……..your Liberty is yours until you infringe on someone else’s Liberty then you lose yours as well.