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Hey, we found some common

Hey, we found some common ground! *high five*

I find the War Powers Act to also be unconstitutional. It nullifies the ORIGINAL INTENT of the Constitution, regarding who has the power to make war and how. The President already had power to use military might when our country is under IMMINENT threat. The WPA just handed the power to the executive to wage wars anytime he pleases, using excuses such as humanitarism, deMOCKracy, freedom, national security, blah, blah, blah. We should all know by now, that once the war machine gets rolling, it's not easily stopped.

What was the original time frame we were given for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq? Mere months, if I remember correctly and yet, here we are still very much involved in Iraq, in training the abusive security forces and in propping up the corrupt and dictatorial Maliki government, even though our officials have proclaimed that the war has ended . We were told the war in Afghanistan is winding down, yet we still have Americans dying over there, in the graveyard of empires.

The executive branch, regardless if it's Republican or Democrat, love to make war. The unconstitutional War Powers Act bypasses the will of the people. The "law" is preverted.