Comment: Lincoln is a mass murder and plunderer that failed.

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Lincoln is a mass murder and plunderer that failed.

Lincoln hoped to avoid the International Bankers by looting the South to pay the war bonds.

Big deal. you quoted from a banker's propaganda piece designed for public consumption not truth telling.

Sure it worked for a while.

Yup, Greenback scam left Lincoln's Grand Union bankrupt in 10 years.

Lincoln was executed without due process. Not good for a Republic. Standard Operating procedure in a marxist Union.

If JFK mentioned silver it was to influence the Byron Wing of the Democratic Party.

Gold, silver and copper money in the hands of the middle class is the only anti-bankotic that has been proven to work.

Governments only creates Bills of Credit and calls them money. But they are paper frauds designed to benefit government and their cronies.

Free includes debt-free!