Comment: What Will Russia Do If the U.S. Attacks Syria?

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What Will Russia Do If the U.S. Attacks Syria?

This is an important question that needs to be addressed. Syria and Russia are allies and as such support each other economically and militarily. Russia has supplied weapons to the Syrian military and they will no doubt be used in some way against the U.S (and Israel) if and when the attack occurs. Geographically Syria's western border also provides a buffer from a naval landing assault from the Mediterranean sea.

If Russia does not respond with some sort of action (by proxy or direct military intervention) they will appear impotent to their allies and embolden the hegemonic warmongers that control the U.S. government to press onward with their plans to eventually conquer all of the Middle East. Then it will only be matter of time before Russia is surrounded by a curtain of offense devastation pointed at them from the west.

This will be a watershed in world history if this attack goes forward. The war planners in Washington think a limited surgical or tactical strike will be accepted by world leaders and will turn the tide if favor of the rebels. But it will backfire in a horrible blow back response as Dr. Paul has warned us about in the past.

If they cross this Rubicon the U.S. will find itself in a military quagmire that will intensify much, much worse than Afghanistan. It will spread easterly across the region and well into Southeast Asia. Once the bear and the dragon combine forces it will become a hemispherical war and it will go nuclear.