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Comment: Fake Jews? Race monger.

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Fake Jews? Race monger.

"Ashkenazi" Jews. I've never heard a Jew, ever refer to any other Jew as Ashkenazi. Jews don't care. Only Jew-haters bring up things like that to divide people.

Ashkenazi Jews is another term for European Jews. Or White Jews.

So I guess I, a white Jew, am a war monger. Even though I voted for Ron Paul. Even though I am a constitutional conservative, libertarian. I must own a bank. Even though I mowed lawns for a living before I lost my home and business in hurricane Sandy.

It's easy for a non-Jew, who probably has little to no real-world experience with actual Jewish people, to go around blaming everything on "The Jews".

Is Obama Jewish? Are the Bushes? What about John Kerry? Boehner? The Clintons? Dick Cheney? Hmmmm?

Maybe it's not just Jews? Seems like there are lots of people from all kinds of different backgrounds among the elite who sell their own people out.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?