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Look at the publish date...

Published: 11.11.12

These guys, and make no mistake about it, they are Stormfront, or government shills pretending to be, will dredge up any article from anyone (even especially black, jewish, etc, sources) that fit their narrative.

It's not about it being news, it's about these racists/ antisemitic assholes pushing an agenda. Whether it is to discredit the DP, or to try and gain support... Or trying to create the racial divide that everyone predicted but didn't happen after the Zimmerman case, who knows.

IMO: I, actually, don't believe that they are racist. They are too calm and organized for that. But I might sound paranoid if I said that I believe they are government agents trying to foment internal conflict to keep people distracted during some of the upcoming events.

Edit: When real people are openly yelled at, cussed, insulted, etc, they tend to respond in kind and get angry back, especially in forums, as you well know... :) But I have openly been hostile with them, to the point of walking a line on the DP rules and they have never once responded in kind. None of them. That strikes me as insanely implausible for people who actually hold those beliefs.

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