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Luke 6:37

If you have criminalized the bahavior of a man you have condemned the man. If you have condemned the man then you have passed judgement.

To take a life or imprison a life is to pass judgement on a man.

If you are a christian then you must be libertarian. Otherwise you will be committing a sin and you are a hypocrite.

Tell that to your grandparents.

To take a man's life or liberty or property for any reason, violates the ten commandments.

The state judges and condemns all the time. It is one of the necessary evils in our society. But for a christian to believe or endorse or vote for such an action is to not be a christian.

"Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's and render unto God what is God's."

If the state wishes to enforce the laws, then so be it, but to endorse such an action is to give to the state that which is reserved for God.

Faith is for God. Reason is for the state.

If you justify your reasons for supporting the criminalizing of homosexual behavior or any behavior by using your "christian" morality, then you have committed an evil act. You have just endorsed a theocracy.

God Bless.