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That doesn't even begin to answer the question

The question is why *nobody in the world* is making cars that way if it's both cheaper and better than the current metal/plastic materials.

Set aside this country for a moment. What about China, a country where industrial hemp is legal, and a country that has the engineering and manufacturing infrastructure to pull it off, with a huge domestic market for a cheaper and better car, and plenty of wealthy people who would love to find a way to become even wealthier. What's stopping them from doing it? The same goes for lots of other countries in the world that are not under the thumb of the US Auto Oligopoly.

But now what about the US? It's not a question about whether those huge companies would allow *one* to do it, it's a question about why they don't *all* do it collectively. They could use those favors from their political puppets that you mentioned to make it possible for them to all simultaneously roll out these new hemp cars that are cheaper and better than anything Japan has to offer, revitalizing the US auto industry. Why wouldn't they?

But even if there's an obstacle to that, a car is made up of many components and the hemp car claim is that those components could be made from hemp. If they could ALL be made from hemp, then any ONE could be made from hemp. What's stopping any of the countries that produce hemp products now from becoming a source for any of the components that go into making a car? Tesla Motors could use hemp body panels, if it would be a cheaper and stronger product than the carbon fiber composite they currently use. But they don't.