Comment: Because they have too much invested in THIS system

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Because they have too much invested in THIS system

Why would they start at the bottom and build up a completely new industry? What about the costs of shutting down the old plants? What about all the steel workers, the oil rig workers, the miners, etc.? Will they all be given Hemp Farming land?

It's not just about the GAIN they COULD all receive, be it financial or even moral—No, it's mostly about the COST of the LOSS of the infrastructure they have set up all over the globe that would cut into their profits.

This is why you CANNOT look to the OLD WAYS for NEW ones. You have to create the NEW ones independently of the OLD. Except that the OLD Guards will not let that happen. They are happy making Billions every year even if it means polluting and getting your materials from conflict zones.

Of course not ALL components could be made from hemp alone. You still need computers and circuits and light bulbs and all that but the BULK of the product including its fuel could come from Hemp.

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