Comment: I'm not scared of anyone, at night or anytime...

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I'm not scared of anyone, at night or anytime...

What if I encounter a 80 year old white woman, versus a 20 year old white man? What's the difference between the white man and the black man. Both can do equal harm, so what's the difference to you? Perhaps you are buying into the racial division stereo-types being pushed by the MSM, instead of thinking like a libertarian, meaning an individualist.

You comment only illustrates the difference between old and young, male and female.

There are some differences indeed, in groups. But we as people are individuals, especially under the law, and in life any individual is capable of exceeding or falling short of whatever the stereo-types may be, of any group. Leftist groups are the ones pushing for "Gay Rights", "Minority Rights", "women's rights". It is the libertarian right that says we are all equal under the law. Not Affirmative Action for minorities and Abortions for omen, but every single individual has equal rights under the law.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?