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Comment: I dont think this scientist

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I dont think this scientist

I dont think this scientist can claim anything on this because he doesnt have all the information needed to, plus a couple other reasons.

Simply going by mutation rate is rediculous; not only that, but calling all mutation "degeneration" is even more rediculous. Those mutations that end up very harmful to a person's well being are very likely not going to be passed on. Even if we get to a point where multiple mutations come together to create unviable offspring you wont have everyone suddenly creating people who cant breed.
In order for what he is saying to happen, bad mutations need to be in combination with a massive sudden drop in population. Suddenly having several billion people genetically incompatable a reality does not make.
Even if you end up with many people becoming sick, there will be those that do not get sick and are stronger.
They mention genetic disorders and conditions in the article as well but thats complete bullshit. Alot of these disorders were untreatable until very recently and there is no way to gauge how many people died from them before the 20th century.

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