Comment: The rebuttal is in my comment post below...This is Eugenics

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The rebuttal is in my comment post below...This is Eugenics

I watched the vid. This "expert" doesn't provide any actual definition of the problem, understanding of the issue, whatever that may be. It offers no hypothetical solution.

Interviewer - "Theres a fine line between that and WWII eugenics."

Dr.John Sanford - "The eugenics philosophy is just under the surface within the evolutionary community, and, uh, I'm sure they're thinking about it, but I'm sure they don't want, uh, won't go talk about it."

This is eugenics population control propaganda. They will try to say people are more genetically pure than others, who are less human. That's what this whole thing says, without saying it. That's what it leads to. The "expert" in the vid says the "problem" is "fundamental". That's because it is normal.

I also find it very incredible that he starts talking Bible and trying to relate that to his alleged scientific knowledge of the allegedly undisputed fact that the human race is doomed to genetic entropy.
It's called getting old and dying.

If you want to know where this comes from, and why this "new information" is being pushed, when it is non-sense, watch the vids I provided in the comment below...

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