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True enough. But how does the

True enough. But how does the policy advance the goal? Syria is already weak, all we're doing is making it chaotic in addition to being weak. We're not making friends, not in any lasting way. Cruise missiles and Islamist rebels don't produce an ally, no more in Syria than Egypt or Lybia.

I don't see how a waning US power advances its interest by alienating the whole world. It just pushes the ME further into the arms of Russia or China. Russia and China are not even a bloc, and hardly share long term interests. Why drive their policies closer together, by attacking their economic partners?

If the war faction of the national security elite is aiming to create conditions that will lead toward a big regional war, they are barking up the wrong tree. They've been empowering the Chinese for decades with their economic policy. At the same time, they've been promoting or at least permitting trends that weaken the ability of the American population to commit to or sustain a big war with the sacrifices it would entail.

The policy does not appear rational. The string pullers do not seem to care that they're drilling holes in the ship they're in. They seem to be pursuing chaos and disorder for its own sake, whatever policy goals they imagine they have. They are not acting in their own long term interests. Their ideology is leading to their own destruction.