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Comment: Bullsh*t

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"It's sort of disturbing but it's just the way it is. "

Yes, race can affect disposition to a small degree, you're the one making the jump to claim that higher reported crime rates are due to their biology and not the fact that within the last 100 years much of the public regarded them as sub-human (according to Gallup a majority of the country did not accept interracial marriage until 1993!).

The drug war has done a good job specifically targeting black people at an incredible rate (read about the crack-powder cocaine sentencing disparity). Try depriving much of a already impoverished community of male role models and see if the crime rate doesn't go up! It will.

The political and media establishment have misrepresented and betrayed the black community in nearly every capacity. Essentially you're taking a complex problem, boiling it down to race to suit your own bigotry and throwing Dawkins' name on it based on a paragraph you read somewhere and didn't really understand.