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I wish people would realize

I wish people would realize how dopey they sound when they say Judeo-Christian. This is not a religion, it is a word politicians and and other public figures had to invent in order to avow their Christianity (or pimp it, as it were) without being called antisemitic.

Judaism and Christianity are different religions, with little in common. Christianity may have roots in Judaism, but that's where the relationship ends. Moreover, much of the character of Christianity, for instance monogamy, has roots in Roman culture rather than Judaism.

Judaism itself emerged from an earlier Semitic polyhtheism. Before that, probably some kind of Shamanic ritual. So if we (you) want to label your religion based on sequence or genealogy, we should probably go with American Evangelical-Protestant-Catholic-Judeo-Pagan-Shamanic. Judeo-Christian stops short and does not give a good, complete genealogy. Or, you can just drop the genealogy and identity your religion, which I presume is Christian.

However, if there is a new religion or sect called Judeo-Christianity, which I overlooked, I am all ears.